April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month


Aloha mai kakou and welcome to Aunty’s Health Minute brought to you by Hui Malama Ola Na `Oiwi — Helping all of Hawai’i Island Live Longer and Feel Better, Together.  I am Aunty Edna ….reminding you that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Life as we know it today, can be very stressful. It’s easy to over-react while under pressure and make unhealthy choices.  Constant stress can affect our health and our ability to empower and support a longer, healthier lifestyle for our keiki and our `ohana. It is important to remember that you and I are role models for the generations that follow. Lead by example; maintain a positive attitude, exercise patience ….invest time and energy in teaching your keiki with love and understanding. Strength and knowledge will empower them to lead healthier lives throughout their lifetime.

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Letʻs share time and aloha with others.

Aloha mai kākou and welcome to Aunty’s Health Minute, brought to you by Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi, helping all of Hawai`i island LIVE LONGER and FEEL BETTER.  I am Aunty Edna and today I want to encourage you to take good care of yourself during this holiday season.   Presents, gifts, are special coming from the heart, but kind, loving words, and expressions of ALOHA may be far more valuable.  Share time and ALOHA with others who may be in a sad and lonely moment, missing a loved one.   Keeping your stress level low will make a big difference in keeping you healthy.   Food prepared with Aloha is wonderful, brings us together, helps us enjoy each other and the holiday season together— but remember…size and amount does matter.   Have questions about your health and not sure what to do?

Who you gonna call?  HUI MĀLAMA!

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Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi… Helping all of Hawai`i Island Live Longer and Feel Better.

Find balance in life.


Aloha mai kākou, I am Po`okela Ikaika Dombrigues.  As the Native Hawaiian Lapa`au healer for Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi and Hawai`i Island, I care about the health of our people.  I am concerned about the lifestyles we live today; many of us suffer with health issues in our `ohana.  Maybe we forgot how to keep balance in our lives and just don’t know how to resolve our issues.  Our ancestors understood the purpose of “Ho`oponopono” and its spiritual connection in healing the mind, body, and spirit.  At Hui Mālama, our Traditional Healing Program will help you find ways to care for self and `ohana.  Like— spend quality time with your `ohana, take a walk with nature, or get some ocean therapy!!


Let us help you re-connect with the things that matter….and help you regain balance in your lives.  For more information on island-wide Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing workshops, Lapa`au classes,  and one-to-one consults.  Call Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi at 969-9220….Helping all of Hawai`i Island LIVE LONGER and FEEL BETTER!!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month!


Aloha mai kākou and welcome to Aunty’s health minute brought to you by Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi, helping all of Hawai`i Island live longer and feel better.  I am Aunty Edna and today I want to remind you that November is American Diabetes Month.

Diabetes is a disease that touches many lives….and although it may not seem life threatening, it CAN change YOUR life.  Diabetes often affects vision, kidney function, and circulation which may cause some folks to lose their body parts.  When you find out that you may be at risk, don’t ignore the warnings– call us, we can help. Our caring staff will help you understand how diabetes affects your body and will show you simple ways to manage living with this disease.  Diabetes can be scary, but doesn’t have to be.

Just remember, when you need help and are not sure what to do…..who you gonna call?   HUI MĀLAMA!

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