During the last two months we have been assessing our Kōkua Hali Health Transportation program. The program has been very expensive to maintain, taking almost a quarter of our annual operating funds.  While we have cut back in other areas during the past years to provide this service, our federal funding requirements have changed and we cannot continue to put our limited funds toward this type of transportation services. As a result we have revised our transportation program and will only continue our Kōkua Hali Specialty Transportation services.


Specialty Transportation?  We all are aware of our limited transportation services here on Hawaiʻi Island, and for those folks who are non-ambulatory (not able to walk) that issue can be an extremely challenging obstacle.  More so, if you need the assistance of a wheelchair AND you live in some of our most rural areas with unpaved, pothole-laden roads simply getting into town is an achievement!  The situation is even worse if you’re needing to travel in a prone position (such as on a gurney after surgery), in which case the only way to travel on our island is by ambulance.  This is where our  Specialty Transportation services comes in.

Through this new program we can help folks who are not able to walk get to health services.  Our new Kōkua Hali Specialty Transportation program is available to individuals that are non-ambulatory and confined to a wheelchair, or are needing to travel via a gurney. Our specialty transportation vehicles include 4-wheel drive capability, so we are able to pick up passengers in our most  remote and rural areas.

Please call our office if you would like more information or to register for our Kōkua Hali Specialty Transportation program.