Aloha mai kākou and welcome to Aunty’s Health Minute, brought to you by Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi, helping all of Hawai`i island LIVE LONGER and FEEL BETTER.  I am Aunty Edna and today I want to encourage you to take good care of yourself during this holiday season.   Presents, gifts, are special coming from the heart, but kind, loving words, and expressions of ALOHA may be far more valuable.  Share time and ALOHA with others who may be in a sad and lonely moment, missing a loved one.   Keeping your stress level low will make a big difference in keeping you healthy.   Food prepared with Aloha is wonderful, brings us together, helps us enjoy each other and the holiday season together— but remember…size and amount does matter.   Have questions about your health and not sure what to do?

Who you gonna call?  HUI MĀLAMA!

We’re here for you.  Call us at 969-9220 for information on health-related classes, personal health needs, and specialty transportation services.   

Hui Mālama Ola Nā `Ōiwi… Helping all of Hawai`i Island Live Longer and Feel Better.