Edna Baldado, RNI want to share a concept that relates to a responsibility you and I have to ensure that we stay healthy and live healthy. A Hawaiian olelo says, “Puali kalo i ka wai ola. Taro for lack of water grows misshapen. For lack of care one may become ill”. In our basic human nature is this concept that I don’t need help; I can do everything by myself. Part of the problem with that mentality is that we tend to ignore things in life that may be trying to alert us that we really need to take care of ourselves. The idea of being healthy does not only relate to us not having a health problem or a health need; it is also about taking care of ourselves in a manner that will keep us from becoming sick. While it may not be easy to take a time out or to stop, take a breath and tell yourself, “Check things out to make sure I am staying healthy”. Living a healthy life includes taking time to take care of yourself and to address issues that may lead to bigger problems. Living a healthy life also requires your attention in caring for your ‘ohana, your job, and everything else that is an important part of your daily living. To hear more healthful tips, come join Aunty Edna at her “Let’s Talk Story” monthly health chats taking place throughout the island. 

By Aunty Edna Baldado, RN
Hui Mālama Ola Nā ‘Ōiwi Health Education Specialist

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