HMONO was blessed with a generous donation from Derek Park, founder of Paddling For Hope, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization focused on helping women dealing with breast cancer. Park supports different parts associated with cancer; he believes strongly in prevention, and he is dedicated to giving hope to those who are diagnosed.

Park’s goal is to purchase a six man canoe to provide paddling opportunities for women experiencing the cancer journey. Survivors paddling out on the water give hope to other women battling this disease. Park’s mother, a 29 year breast cancer survivor is the inspiration behind his movement. HMONO is grateful for the donation and support received from Park and the opportunity to further extend care to clients enrolled in its services. For more information about Paddling For Hope, contact

Derek Park at

Don’t face cancer alone🎗

HMONO offers Free cancer support groups in a safe environment. Talk to healthcare professionals, build ‘ohana, and share your journey. Contact for more info.