Our Pāhoa office is no longer available 08/01/16.

To better serve you with our limited resources, we are taking a good and hard look at how we provide those services.  Currently at Hui Mālama, we are spending a significant amount of money on maintaining our five sites around Hawai‘i Island!  Rent, utilities, insurances, and maintenance costs take a big chunk out of our annual operating budget.  However, each year our funding amount stays the same but the cost of everything continues to rise, and that includes our facility leases.  After much brainstorming we have figured out that rather than continue to pay the huge expense associated with buildings, we are “going mobile.”  As our facility leases expire we will not be renewing those leases but instead put those savings directly into serving you.  We would rather invest our funds in hiring additional staff (such as Case Managers and Health Educators) to serve our island’s people, instead of spending those same funds on rent and utilities.  So over the next year if you hear that one of our sites is closing, please remember that JUST THE BUILDING IS CLOSING, NOT US!  We will continue to serve all of Hawai‘i Island and are excited to be able to expand our capabilities.  Our Hilo office will still be our “main office,” so please give us a call at 969-9220 if you have any questions.  Let us be your partner in health.

Together we can help you live longer and feel better!