Louis Hao - Executive Director

Lisa Sakurai - Executive Assistant

Mercy Nakayama - Finance Assistant

Noe Scott - Administrative and Facilities Specialist

Lisa Canale - Project Analyst

Miles Matsumura - Quality Improvement Analyst



Jasmine LeFever - Director of Community Relations and Special Projects

Yvonne Replogle - Receptionist & Support Assistant

Rosi Handy - Program Assistant

Marguerite Stith - Program Assistant



Bernie Freitas – Interim Director of Programs

Mari Martin – Interim Assistant to Director of Programs/Health Resources Supervisor

Health Education

Wanda Louis, RN - Community Health Coordinator

Leila Ryusaki - Program Assistant 

Edna Baldado, RN – Community Health Specialist

Leenal Castro – Health Resources Specialist

Pua Puniwai-Viritua – Health Resources Specialist, Exercise

Keamalu Waltjen – West Hawaiʻi Mobile Health Resources Specialist 

Ivy McIntosh – North Hawaiʻi Mobile Health Resources Specialist

Stephanie Kung – Program Assistant

Traditional Health

Sweetie Osorio – Traditional Health Supervisor

Val Hadley – Traditional Health Specialist

Tiare Ortega – Traditional Health Specialist

Matthew Kahoʻohanohano – Instructor

Updated 12.27.2017