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  • Make Time To Take Care of Yourself

    Make Time To Take Care of Yourself

    I want to share a concept that relates to a responsibility you and I have to ensure that we stay healthy and live healthy. A Hawaiian olelo says, “Puali kalo i ka wai ola. Taro for lack of water grows … Continue »
  • The Value of Giving

    The Value of Giving

    We are approaching that time of year when giving a gift to someone means something special. Because of that, I wanted to share the value of giving. Ha‘awi lokomaika‘i means giving freely, openly; doing something right. Ha‘awi wale means giving … Continue »
  • The Value of Respect

    The Value of Respect

    “Me ka mahalo; me ka pono” “Do it with thanksgiving; do it right” When we consider the value of RESPECT, many different aspects come to mind. Respect means admiration, esteem, consideration of other’s rights, wishes, values, and concepts or even an … Continue »
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