Meet HMONO’s Exercise Program Team

Q. How did the exercise program start?

A. I came to Hui Mālama as a CNA and was support staff for the health education classes. So when I wasn’t working I was paying attention to the class and I noticed that we weren’t walking the talk, per se. So even though we’re educating people to do exercise and eat better, wouldn’t it be nice if we had classes where clients could come to get the second half of their health lesson? So speaking with some coworkers at the time, they’re like “Why not throw an exercise program that’s for clients, accessible, and open to anyone on Hawaiʻi Island?” So from what was just a thought and a dream, actually came to life.

Q. Why exercise?

A. I’ve always loved exercise, well, one it’s good for your health, and two it makes you feel good when you’re done with your routine whether it’s walking for 20 minutes or an hour of aerobics. Heart health improves, blood pressure goes down - it’s good all around. Get moving, get up off your chair, bring a friend.

Q. What do you see in the future?

A. Right now we’re focused mainly in Hilo. My dream is to expand the program and continue to grow, and for every area of Hawaiʻi Island to have access to these classes. Word of mouth is awesome and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Q. Should I come down?

A. It’s never too late to start moving. I have an 89 year old grandma who hasn’t been moving very much the last few years; she joined the class in February complaining about backaches, unable to walk for more than a couple minutes. Now she’s running through that door to class and playing with her grandbabies. As long as you have the desire to get better, we can help you.