Meet Hui Mālama's Healthy Hapai Facilitator

Leila was in her early 20s when she started her career in the field of healthcare as a Pharmacy Technician in Hilo. In 2007, she accepted a position at the North Hawaii Community Hospital and was able to gain experience working in Radiology, the financial business office, and the Waimea Women’s Center. It was her work at the Women’s Center that piqued her interest in prenatal care. Leila worked in the Ob-Gyn clinic with four midwives to conceptualize and start a prenatal care group called Centering Pregnancy. She worked as Program Coordinator for Centering Pregnancy for five years. During her time as Program Coordinator, she furthered her training and knowledge by attending three childbirth and three lactation workshops.

Leila brought her knowledge to Hui Mālama Ola Nā ʻŌiwi to develop the Healthy Hāpai prenatal program initiative. Leila’s dedication and passion for prenatal and postnatal education has been integral in the planning of Hui Mālama’s Healthy Hāpai program. She developed an engaging and educational curriculum to meet the prenatal needs of our hāpai women.

Leila has worked closely with Hui Mālama Health Education team to bring the program to the community.  The program offers prenatal education to mothers in their first and second trimester. The prenatal groups are offered in five locations across the island, and provides the opportunity to meet with Hui Mālama health educators for hands-on learning about maternity health and wellness practices.

Those who are interested in the program can expect to learn how to take care of their bodies - especially after birth, how to take care of their babies once they’re born, and much more! The Healthy Hāpai program is not only for Hāpai mothers. Attending mothers are welcome to bring a partner, friend, or family member to classes! Call Hui Mālama Ola Nā ʻŌiwi today to learn more and sign-up! (808) 969-9220