January is Thyroid Awareness Month!

Do you know what your thyroid does for your body? The thyroid gland is located in the lower front of the neck and secretes hormones into the blood to be carried to every tissue in the body. The thyroid hormone helps your organs operate as they should and plays a role in regulating your metabolism. This can explain why those with hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) experience weight loss while those with hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) may see some weight gain.
Read more about thyroid health at thyroid.org.

Poʻokela Ikaika Dombrigues describes the process of using ginger, or awapuhi pake, to help stabilize the body’s metabolic system. The rhizome, or root, of the ginger is used to make a hot tea. First, make sure the ginger root is washed clean of any dirt or residue. Next, bring enough water to make a couple cups of tea to a boil in a pot. Then, cut off a thumb-sized portion of the ginger root and place it into the pot of boiling water. Boil the ginger for 5 minutes. Serve the tea after it has cooled off enough to drink.


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